Men's Anti-Violence Council

An opportunity for men to get involved in preventing violence. Learn how to be part of the solution, and take action!

The Men’s Anti-Violence Council (MAC) is an opportunity for men to get involved in preventing violence through promoting healthy masculinity, social activism, education, and awareness raising.

But what do you do?  What do you say?  How can you get involved?  MAC provides resources about how bystanders can get involved and be helpful in preventing interpersonal violence.

As men, we have a lot of influence among our friends, classmates, colleagues and even strangers.  Men look to other men about what’s appropriate male behavior.  We can send a message about what’s appropriate by changing the culture.  As men, we have strength and we have a voice.  It is our choice how we use them.  What are your actions saying about your views on violence? 

Be part of the solution!

Volunteers must attend mandatory training sessions.

MAC meets weekly