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Much of the liveliness and community of WRAC comes from our support, discussion, and enrichment groups. All groups are led by trained facilitators, most of whom are student and community volunteers with interests and skills they want to share. Group participation is free.


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Let's talk about it: Toxic Relationships

This will be a  group dedicated to talking about toxic relationships. It will be all about recognizing when a relationship is toxic, and learning how to cut it off. It will mostly be based on the facilitiator's personal experience and hopefully the experiences of the members. Along with spotting toxic relationships, this group will largely be based around how to build healthy and happy relationships including communication skills, compromise, etc. 

Open membership! Members can "drop in" at any time!

Discussion Group 01 

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Oct 10th- Nov 14th

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm

Bowman House, Lower Level


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