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WRAC provides groups, facilitator training, speaker events, individual counseling, community programming, IWIS, and other services with a small budget and the work of many volunteers. Each gift to WRAC is matched many times over by the work of student and community volunteers. All donations, big or small, are appreciated! Donations are tax-deductible.

Donations to the Women's Resource and Action Center Fund support current services and programs including Iowa N.E.W. Leadership. Donations to the Women's Resource and Action Center Endowment Fund help secure the financial future of the Center.


Support & Discussion Groups

The Women’s Resource and Action Center (WRAC) at The University of Iowa is a diverse community dedicated to fostering women’s individual empowerment and systemic solutions to all forms of oppression. The Center leads and collaborates on projects that serve UI students, staff, faculty, and the greater community. Call 319-756-3456 for more information.

Much of the liveliness and community of WRAC comes from our support, discussion, and enrichment groups. All groups are led by trained facilitators, most of whom are student and community volunteers with interests and skills they want to share.
Group participation is free unless otherwise stated (such as for purchase of supplies needed for group activities), though we do request participants’ help to defray WRAC’s costs with donations of $10 for the total duration of each group, if they can.

Spring Groups


Learning to Love Yourself

Everyone can be self-critical, but it is important to know how to handle this.  We will discuss ways you can cope, and how to begin the self journey of loving yourself.  We will also discuss self-esteem, how we handle our insecurities, and how to push past them.


Mindfulness to Master Healthy Habits

This group will use mindfulness (awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions) to work on developing healthy habits or breaking unhealthy habits.  We will discuss how to mindfully set reasonable goals, how to strive for process rather than outcome, how to set yourself up for challenges, and how to use what we learn to live your daily life with intention instead of surrender.


Rocking Our Relationships

To learn how to create new relationships in our lives, maintain current relationships, and end unhealthy relationships.  Involves many group activities and group discussions.


Flustered Hawkeyes

This group is designed for new and transfer students who are experiencing stress in transitioning to college life.  However, everyone is welcome!

We will talk about different areas of this transition and ways to make the adjustment easier.


The Body Issue:  Exploring Body Image Among Women Athletes

This group is designed to be a space for women athletes and dancers to discuss issues of body image and body expectations, and the particular stresses placed on them by their art form or sport.  We will focus mainly on body image perception and the prevalence and gravity of these among female athletes.


Feminist Readers & Writers

Open group for feminist readers and writers.  We will read and discuss feminist books and essays throughout the Spring, beginning with The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood.  At our first meeting we will discuss Atwood’s novel and we will select material to read and dates for the rest of the semester.  We’ll also read and discuss group members’ original feminist writing (for those who wish to share their own creative work).



A support group for trans people and their allies.  We work to extend across feelings of isolation and confusion to the connections that can grow through community discussion.


Late Blooming Lesbians

The purpose of this group is to provide space for women who have identified as lesbian later in their lives to get together with others to discuss experiences and coping and to provide supportive environment.


Support & Discussion Groups
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