Spring 2021 Practices

The Women's Resource & Action Center (WRAC) will continue to provide programs and services online for the spring semester. Programming, including student involvement (volunteer) activities, community-building events, and educational trainings will be provided on multiple online platforms.

Wrac From Anywhere information.

WRAC will continue to provide assistance and advocacy services for individuals seeking confidential advocacy for concerns related to any kind of harassment, discrimination or violence virtually, or in-person if necessary. This free, confidential service is available to students, faculty, and staff. Anyone needing a face-to-face appointment should contact us to set up a time in advance.

Individual mental health counseling will continue to be offered, online. For individuals needing a different arrangement, we will offer a number of options tailored to meet their needs. This free, confidential service is available without cost to students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Our building (Bowman House) will not be used for events, meetings, or gatherings. Any appointments that need to take place in-person will be arranged in advance. We will not offer public office hours at the WRAC building.

How to Access our Services

Virtual Options

  • All events, workshops, and online sessions will be posted on the WRAC website and social media channels. Please continue to check these outlets for updated information.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures

  • WRAC staff will focus on social distancing and de-densifying 
    • No more than 6 individuals will be present in the building at any time. Staff will primarily be working remotely.
  • Some events early in the spring semester will be held in outdoor locations, following University guidance for safety and health, and weather conditions permitting.
  • Face coverings are required to be worn inside the building at all times. A supply of disposable masks is available in the front entry of the WRAC building.
  • After anyone occupies the building, surfaces they have touched in any common areas, including restrooms, will be wiped down with disinfectant.

Contact Us

Stay Informed

WRAC will provide campus with regular updates regarding workshops,  program offerings, events, and service changes through several channels:

RVAP Social Media: