WRAC works to create greater equity for individuals and communities of all identities, with a particular focus on women, through activism, social justice initiatives, leadership training, advocacy, service, and personal and professional development.


WRAC is a feminist organization dedicated to:


Engaging with others to listen and seek to understand a wide range of perspectives, interests and experiences, and recognizing that by doing so something unique and valuable is created


Engaging in co-ownership in joint causes and projects, identifying and recognizing intersections and connections, and committing to investing the needed time and energy to this way of working


Raising consciousness, increasing knowledge, and building skills to address intersecting forms of oppression at all levels, from the personal through the systemic, and engaging in critical self-reflection


Accomplishing goals with and through others, valuing assessment, reflection and critique as tools for improvement, and adapting to changing needs and expectations

Safe and Supportive Environment
Providing a refuge where individuals are believed, cared for, and empowered; seeking to understand the perspectives and experiences of others within a non-judgmental framework


Recognizing and valuing the views and inherent worth of individuals of all identities, and expanding models for engaging in sharing differing perspectives