Individual counseling services are available at WRAC. Counseling is provided by doctoral students who are doing their practicum at WRAC as part of their PhD program in Counseling Psychology.

If you need counseling services, please call us or fill out the form to make arrangements for a consultation. You will be asked for some basic information, including how the counselor can contact you directly to set up your initial appointment. All information you provide will be kept confidential.

Learn more about counseling services at WRAC.

Violence Prevention

WRAC leads efforts to prevent sexual assault and relationship violence on campus and in the community through educational trainings, a nationally-certified peer educator program, and two volunteer programs. Training workshops are available on request on topics including bystander intervention, healthy relationships, enthusiastic consent, and dismantling rape culture.

Learn more about the violence prevention programs and training.

Iowa N.E.W.Leadership

An intensive 5-day residential institute designed to empower women across the political spectrum and increase the participation of underrepresented groups in all sectors of public leadership.

Learn more about Iowa N.E.W. Leadership.

Diversity and Inclusion

Educational workshops and facilitated dialogues to help participants explore power, privilege, oppression, micro-agressions, and ways to work for positive change.

Learn more about diversity and inclusion workshops and dialogs.

Women of Colour Network

The University of Iowa Women’s Resource & Action Center is home to the UI Women of Colour Network Program Series. This program launched in Fall 2018 with the start of the WOCN Welcome Mixer at WRAC with an attendance that filled the house with students, faculty and staff women of colour.

Learn more about the Women of Colour Network.

Girls Rock Iowa City!

WRAC has partnered with Girls Rock Iowa City! to offer a one-week summer camp for aspiring young rock and rollers between the ages of 8 and 16 since 2014.

Scholarships and Awards

WRAC does not have funds available for direct financial assistance. If you are a student and/or community member facing serious financial hardship, please contact the Johnson County Crisis Center. The Crisis Center may be able to help, especially with food and clothing.

Can’t find what you need? Call the Center at 319-335-1486, and ask about referrals to UI, community, or state resources that might be available to you.

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The Sojourner Truth Library is open with many titles.

Subjects include:

  • Personal finance, budgeting, bankruptcy.
  • Women’s health, self-care, healing from abuse, Anorexia, Bulimia, compulsive eating, societal messages to women, self-image, and more.
  • Gender studies, LBGT studies, coming out, LBGT relationships, sex, marriage, parenting.
  • Feminism theory, political essays, abortion.
  • Domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, rape, alcoholism, drug addiction.
  • Single parenting, adoption.Poetry, short stories, novels.


The library is open to the public for browsing and borrowing, and is located in the Reception Area as you enter the house. Whenever WRAC is open, the library’s open. Come in, browse, read, or check out books.