Individual counseling services are available at WRAC during the Fall and Spring semesters. Counseling is provided by advanced doctoral students who are doing their practicum at WRAC as part of their PhD program in Counseling Psychology. Counseling services are confidential, and offered at no cost, to UI students, employees, and the public.

To request counseling services, please email You will be asked for some basic information, including how the counselor can contact you directly to set up your initial appointment.  All information you provide will be kept confidential.  

Our 2021-22 Counselors

Karrah Bernice Bates

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Master’s Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Northern Iowa

Hello all! I counsel with an existential and collaborative approach; in other words, I primarily use a genuine curiosity to learn more about what gives your life meaning. While my approach is generally conversational, I will also use specific interventions (such as worksheets, activities) if both of us feel it could facilitate discussion. We’ll work together to utilize your strengths and bring deeper understanding and purpose to your life. Some of my relevant past experiences include volunteering for the Crisis Text Line, completing a counseling practicum at the University of Northern Iowa's (UNI) Student Health Center, and working as a Graduate Assistant for Sexual Assault Prevention at UNI. My counseling interests include authentic identity establishment, art therapy, adjustment concerns, anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, and LGBTQ+ counseling.


Iyana Leach

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Master’s Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Iowa

In general, I counsel with an integrative and multicultural feminist approach. I believe a therapeutic relationship is most effective when built on mutual respect and collaboration. I will always honor the innate wisdom and insight you carry. I reject the notion that when we experience adversity, we need “rescuing.” I instead embrace the idea that a sacred compassionate holding space to give voice to our narratives will empower us to trust our lived experiences. My focus is on promoting consciousness-raising and inviting you to explore how interpersonal relationships, trauma, intersectionality, and disempowerment have influenced your self-efficacy. I will emphasize and affirm self-definition. Through a collaborative effort, we will build on your acquired strengths. My role is to offer options regarding coping skills, create a sacred space for your voice and needs while providing you with essential tools and resources to manifest holistic wellness and lead a more authentically empowered life. My counseling interests are marginalized populations who have experienced collective and individual trauma, substance use disorder, personal development, personality disorders, stress, depression/anxiety, crisis interventions, life adjustment issues, existential challenges, and identity exploration.

Yeji Son

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Doctoral student, Counseling Psychology

My primary counseling approach is gestalt therapy which is one of the traditional humanistic counseling theories. This means I believe that humans innately pursue self-growth if sufficient conditions are met. My goal is to help clients experience accepting of one’s whole self and the environment in which they live in. To achieve this goal, I may ask unique questions that facilitate new insights such as “what does your heart say?” “how does your other self-talk to you?”  My favorite component of gestalt therapy is that every intervention can be creative and collaborative. I will provide clients with my genuine presence, time and space to explore their thoughts, feelings and needs, which I hope will provide trust that my clients will know they have a role in planning their own treatment.  I am currently interested in working with issues relevant to various marginalized communities who may be dealing with a sense of powerlessness and experience lack of support. I earned my master’s degree in counseling psychology at the University of Denver and previously worked at the Pomerantz Career Center at the University of Iowa. There, I provided career counseling emphasizing job search strategies in the current job market/industries. Because I believe career has major impacts on people’s surviving and sense of belongingness, I have a passion for investing my time and effort to facilitate clients to explore their identities during counseling sessions as well as to explore their career plans when relevant.

On Accessibility: 

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa-sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact WRAC in advance at 319-335-1486.