Individual counseling services are available at WRAC. Counseling is provided by advanced doctoral students who are doing their practicum at WRAC as part of their PhD program in Counseling Psychology. Counseling services are confidential, and offered at no cost, to UI students, employees, and the public.

To request counseling services, please call 319-335-1486 or email You will be asked for some basic information, including how the counselor can contact you directly to set up your initial appointment.  All information you provide will be kept confidential.  


Cara Solness


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Clinical/Counseling Interests

My approach to counseling is grounded in the belief that individuals are resilient and have the capacity for growth and that my role is to facilitate by providing a safe affirming environment. I approach therapy from an Emotion-Focused Framework, infusing aspects of ACT and Dynamic perspectives. My work is guided by a feminist orientation in that I aim to work collaboratively and meet my clients with what they find most meaningful. My clinical interests include gender, sexuality, identity, grief, depression, trauma, and shame resilience. My research interests include process and outcome in therapy for gender non-conforming individuals including training practices for doctoral level therapists working with these populations. Regardless of what bring you to therapy I look forward to working along side as you explore and work toward growth and positive coping.

Multicultural Interests

I am interested in issues of social justice for marginalized populations, specifically LGBTQIA individuals. I am committed to working in support of equal rights for everyone who experiences oppression and marginalization due to race, ethnicity, SES, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other marginalized identities.

Outreach Interests

I provided outreach events for women who have experienced domestic. On campus I am interested in providing outreach education concerning gender non-conforming identity, sexual identity, and I facilitate with the University Safe Zone Project.

Professional Memberships

Iowa Psychological Association

            Diversity and Social Justice Committee Member

American Psychological Association

Division 17 (Counseling Psychology)

Division 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women)

Division 44 (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues)

Association for Contextual and Behavioral Sciences (ACBS)


Laurence Chan


Laurence Chan Personal Photo

Laurence Chan, Ed.M.

Doctoral Trainee

Clinical/Counseling Interests

My views on counseling stem from my outlook on humanity and people as social beings. I believe that most people wish to be loved, cared for, and innately seek meaningful social relationships. Oftentimes, ways in which we were taught to interact and develop bonds may become maladaptive to our current living situations. There, distress, disconnect, and other negative consequences occur. Within the counseling work, I rely on psychodynamic and feminist approaches to conceptualize a person’s current struggles and seek to understand how one’s past relationships have impacted current ones. My clinical interests include working with individuals who have been or currently are experiencing forms of discrimination based upon their identities such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. However, I enjoy working with a wide group of clinical concerns and always welcome the unique differences any person may bring.

Multicultural Interests

It is my belief that to be a competent and empathic counselor, one should be open to and actively promote diversity. My views are that multicultural work should not be afterthoughts or supplemental components to therapeutic work, but should instead be a driving force. I am invested in creating social change through the addressing of power, privilege, and the exploration of our cultural identities. It is my hope that I can assist in facilitating positive change through sharing my awareness, knowledge, and skills as well as promote collaboration among historically oppressed members of our population and their allies. I strive to be inclusive and understanding of individuals from all walks of life and do not believe blaming, attacking, or isolating is beneficial.

Professional Memberships

American Psychological Association, Divisions 17 & 45 Member

Asian American Psychological Association, Member