Do you know someone who would be perfect for Iowa N.E.W. Leadership?

Who is eligible?

  • Any student, especially those who identify as a woman, non-binary, or gender non-conforming
  • All fields of study in any academic discipline
  • Students graduating in December 2022 and May 2023 are still eligible
  • Women from diverse backgrounds, identities and non-traditional students are encouraged to apply
  • Is enrolled at least half-time in ANY post-secondary academic institution in Iowa (regardless of state or nation of residence), or in another state (for Iowa residents)

INL Student Referral Form

Iowa N.E.W. Leadership is committed to including students from diverse socioeconomic, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ethnic and racial backgrounds in each Iowa N.E.W. Leadership program. We strongly encourage women of color, non-traditional college women, students who identify as gender non-conforming, nonbinary, or transgender, and students majoring in the arts, humanities, sciences, pre-professional and professional programs, etc. to apply.